After switching on the device and selecting the correct characteristic (depending on the type of waste), the probe can be inserted into the pile of recyclables. The measurement is made at the tip of the lance – so it is possible to measure at different depths of the pile.

The display of the humimeter RM1 moisture meter immediately shows the water content and temperature. By effecting various measurements in different areas of the pile, the average water content can be determined immediately.

The measuring values can be stored on the device, further information like batch number can be added. Via the optional USB interface, the measuring values can be transferred to a PC, and via LogMemorizer ® PC software the data can be archived, exported, processed or printed out.

  • Hold function
  • For a variety of materials
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Large illuminated LC display
  • Fast determination of the average moisture
  • Lifetime Support


Analysing device for wood chips insertion probe for measurement of recycling ma- terial, loose paper fills, wood chips, scrap wood chips and sawdust.


The humimeter RM1 recycling material moisture meter is a handheld moisture meter for measuring the moisture of biomass such as wood chips, waste wood chips, sawdust, plastic waste, residual waste, paper, cardboard, kraft corrugated cardboard, shredded paper, recycling material with a high cellulose content, kraft liner or kraft cardboard and many other materials.

The insertion probe has a length of one meter. The long lance makes it possible to measure the recyclables even in deeper layers. This makes it possible to measure a good average value of large quantities of recyclable and waste in a short time. The robust construction and the constantly developed measuring electronics guarantee a high measuring accuracy for a long period of use.

The main users of the measuring device are waste incineration systems (waste to energy), recyclables collecion points, waste disposal companies, etc.

A common application is to provide waste with the correct water content for incineration. With the help of the humimeter RM1, dry and wet material can be mixed so that the incinerator can operate at optimal efficiency .

Determining the moisture using the drying method is very time-consuming and not very meaningful due to the small sample size. With the help of the RM1, a quick determination of the average moisture value of large quantities of waste is possible.


  • Wide measuring range
  • For a variety of materials
  • Very easy to use
  • Measurement within seconds
  • Fast determination of the average moisture
  • Lifetime support

Scope of delivery

humimeter RM1, rubber protection cover and batteries

Humimeter - Technical data
Measuring range 10 to 50% water content (depending on product type)
Resolution 0,5% water content
Temperature compensation Automatically
Memory function Hold function, datalog for 10.000 logs ​​with measuring point report
Dimensions 147 x 75 x 30 mm
Weight 270 g (with batteries)
Power Supply 4 x 1,5 Volt AA Alkaline batteries
Menu languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Polish
Technical data
Operating Temperature 0 to +40 °C

Humimeter RM1 - Recycled material moisture meter

  • Brand: Schaller
  • Product Code: 13335_RM1
  • Availability: 10-15 Days