Stackable and configurable signal generator for CAN applications. (CAN to sensor signal converter)

The K-Volt can be used to generate fast configurable analog and digital signals from CAN messages. Designed for high speed and accurate simulation of sensors (For example HIL and Replay systems). 

The K-Volt can be connected directly to a PC via a USB connection.

​The output calibration and set-up of the K-Volt is easily configurable via the Influx K-Cal software, a freely distributable Windows pc application.

Ideal for use with the Influx Replay® system.

​The K-Volt is part of Influx Technology’s stackable instrumentation K range which is compatible with Influx Rebel data loggers.

Key Features:

■ Software configurable output operating modes: Voltage, Current, Frequency, PWM and digital

■ Configuration, programming and output control via CAN or USB interface

■ PWM signal can be configured to simulate engine crank and CAM patterns

■ Supplied with configuration software Influx K-Cal for Windows®

■ Device drivers for user defined Windows® USB applications. (32/64-bit)

■ Suitable for use in the automotive field

■ Power by USB only to enable configuration and programming

■ Eight LEDs indicate the functions of the corresponding outputs

■ LEDs indicate the connectivity of the device and the operating mode

■ Ability to exclude the power on unused outputs thus reducing power consumption

■ Galvanic isolation. (Outputs, USB, supply and CAN Bus)

■ WakeOnCAN enables K-Volt to power up and power down in deep sleep mode

■ Stackable ABS enclosure

Package Includes:

■ (INF6102) 12 months warranty.

■ (INF1401) Influx K-Cal supports calibration, configuration and graphical data view.

■ (INF4300) Micro-USB cable.

■ (INF4310) CAN Bus termination 9 Way D-Sub (120 Ohm).

■ (INF4305.0) 9 Way D-Sub to 9 Way D-Sub short cable for interconnecting and stacking K series units.

K-Volt (CAN to sensor signal converter)

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