Unlike the conventional strain gages (DMS), the StrainPad enables strain measurements without the time-consuming attaching of strain gages and delivers just the same precise results.


The currently available and standardly used strain gages have to be laboriously applied by sticking them onto the component to be measured. If this is not done correctly using the highest precision, this usually results in serious falsification of the measured values. Because of this, specially trained staff is required to attach a DMS (strain gage), which is why strain gages are currently not being used in many areas, except for testing environments and in the laboratory.


In contrast to the already available strain gages mentioned above, our StrainPads are attached to the component to be measured by a simple force-fitted connection. Any personnel involved do not have to pay attention to great accuracy. This enables simple and versatile use of the StrainPads and enables strain measurement without sticking. The StrainPad is the perfect alternative to the strain gage (DMS). A so-called assembly device is required to use the StrainPad. Those assembly devices press the StrainPad so strongly against the component to me measured that frictional engagement occurs. The assembly of the StrainPad with the corresponding assembly device is non-destructive, very simple and carried out in seconds. We offer varius standard mounting devices, such as the magnet holder for flat surfaces, or our ring gauges for measuring cylinders. In addition, there is also the option of designing customer-specific assembly devices for your particular application. Just get in contact with us!

Are you looking for a quick and easy solution for strain measurements without the hassle of gluing? Then do not hesitate to contact us with your measurement task. We will work with you to find a solution so that you can manage your measurement tasks efficiently and precisely.


The application areas of our customers are diverse and an appropriate assembly device is required for the application of our StrainPad. For standard applications, for example, our portfolio includes a magnetic holder and our ring gauge. You are welcome to contact us regarding your metrological challenges and we will find a custom-made solution for you at the best price possible.

Our ring gauges are also used, among other fields, to measure the elongation of the tie-bars in injection molding machines. In these systems, four tie bars ensure that the injection mold closes correctly by counteracting the forces of the plastic compound injected into the mold. If this does not happen evenly, the mold will not close properly and the forces may be distributed over only three tie bars. This can lead to overloads, which in turn lead to production losses or quality problems. By measuring with our ring gauges, you can determine which tie bar is not correctly adjusted or is cracked. This enables appropriate countermeasures to be initiated, such as readjusting the spar nut. The measurement of the tie bar elongation is carried out when setting up the machine and often after changing the form or product. Often, however, a ring gauge remains permanently on one of the bars in order to make changes visible and, if necessary, to detect and carry out any necessary maintenance work at an early stage.


  • Strain gauge alternative
  • Enormous time and cost savings
  • No trained staff necessary
  • No gluing
  • Reusable
  • Versatile
  • Precise measurement results


Strain gages (DMS) have long been established in the determination of mechanical stresses and thus the stress on materials. However, their professional application requires a great deal of time and trained personnel, since even the smallest inaccuracies can lead to errors in the measurement chain. Because of this, in practice - outside of the laboratory - strain gages are often refrained from because the effort and uncertainties are assessed as too substantial. With its patented technology, the StrainPad enables strain measurement where conventional strain gages cannot be used due to the disadvantages mentioned.


The StrainPad works similarly to a conventional strain gage (DMS). The main difference to this is that the StrainPad is neither glued, screwed nor welded to the component to be measured. Only a force-fitted connection needs to be established between the component to be measured and the StrainPad. We have numerous mounting devices available to you for this task. We are also happy to help you meet special requirements on your part.


Strain gages have to be applied laboriously to the component to be measured. The StrainPad can be of assistance here. The StrainPad only needs to be clamped onto the component to be measured. This means it can be assembled within a few seconds and, conversely, removed again just as quickly. As a result, the StrainPad offers its customers considerable time savings. In addition, the StrainPad is reusable and can be used again immediately.


The application areas of our customers are diverse and so are the fields of application of our StrainPad. This enables us to offer our customers customer-specific and custom-made products. You explain your challenges to us and we will find a customized solution for you at the best price possible.


Our sensor also provides you with real-time data, just the way you are used to from measurements with conventional strain gages (DMS). Please note our range of measurement electronics and measurement amplifiers. These are tailored to our sensors and enable you to measure strains at the best possible price.


Unlike conventional strain gages (DMS), our StrainPads are reusable. This gives our customers the opportunity to carry out measurements quickly and easily within their respective applications. By saving the time-consuming attaching of conventional strain gages, the time required is reduced enormously and the costs per measurement task can be drastically reduced as well. As a result, our StrainPad expands the application range of strain gages enormously. This is because our StrainPads are much easier to handle than conventional strain gages (DMS). Are you looking for an uncomplicated solution for your measurement task? Contact us and we will find a solution for you.


Our StrainPads expanded the area of application of strain gages extremely. This is because our StrainPads are much easier to handle than conventional strain gages (DMS). Are you looking for an uncomplicated solution for your measurement task? Contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Strainpad - The strain gauge alternative

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