The K-TC unit is available with 8,16, or 32 channels; these can be stacked, and daisy chained to meet your requirements. Capture data from multiple thermocouples with the K-TC, limited only by the bandwidth of the CAN interface.

The K-TC has galvanic isolation across USB, CAN, Power, and TC boards to ensure the protection of your devices. Supporting thermocouples type (K, J, & T)


Diving Into The Three Modes of The K-TC

Mode 1, Standalone Temperature data logging

​Say goodbye to the need for a PC! Store your thermocouple data directly within the device using the eMMC storage.

This standalone data-logging mode ensures user-friendliness and efficiency, enabling extended logging periods without requiring human interaction.

– Log the TC data directly onto the K-TC’s internal 8GB eMMc; recording many months of data.

​This capability can be used simultaneously with Mode 2

Mode 2, Temperature data to CAN

Connect and transmit your thermocouple data seamlessly with other systems using the CAN bus.

Use a Rebel series, ReXgen series, or an existing CAN bus datalogger, to integrate the K-TC devices. Extend your capabilities by connecting the CAN bus output to a ReXgen Air and remotely collect your thermocouple data on an AWS S3 server.

*Rebel LT, K-TC 16 and ReXgen AIR 

– Transfer the TC data onto the CAN bus using Influx Technology’s Rebel or ReXgen series, or another CAN bus logger.

– The ReXgen Air, from Influx Technology, would enable remote collection of your TC data and transference on an AWS s3 server.

Mode 3, USB to PC

Witness your thermocouple data come to life on your PC screen. It's not just data, use the integrated oscilloscope feature of K-CAL to visualize and interpret your measurements in real-time. This mode provides a dynamic and user-friendly way to capture, view, and export your data to third-party formats for in-depth analysis.

*KTC-32 Requires external power

– View real-time data via a connected PC using the K-Cal oscilloscope feature.

– Export the TC data for analysis on third-party tools.

Cold Junction Compensation

Enhanced response to sensor measurements for temperature changes- ranging from (-)200°C to (+)1200°C


This powerful software allows for the configuration of up to five K-TCs at once and supports CAN message transmission with an oscilloscope for live data viewing. It also includes a DBC file for easy integration.


Enables the Temperature data to be logged directly to the K-TC’s internal 8GByte eMMC.


The K-TC / Kvaser Kit

A new collaboration Kit that simplifies and streamlines thermocouple data logging!

Influx Technology's K-TC Series and Kvaser's newly launched Leaf v3 interface have been seamlessly paired to allow users to configure the KTC using KCAL Software via the CAN Bus. Plus, the addition of the Kvaser T-Cannector, makes it easy to power and add your K-TC to the CAN network.

Package K-TC 8/16/32 includes

  • Your choice of (INF2204) K-TC8, (INF2205) K-TC16, (INF2206) K-TC32 (INF6102)
  • 12 months warranty
  • (INF1401) K-Cal supports calibration, configuration, and graphical data view.
  • (INF4300) Micro-USB cable.
  • (INF4310) 120 Ohm CAN Bus Termination 9 Way D-Sub
  • (INF4305.1) 9 Way to 9 Way short cable for stacking K series units. 

Kvaser Kit K-TC 8/16/32 includes

  • Your choice of (INF2204) K-TC8, (INF2205) K-TC16, (INF2206) K-TC32 (INF6102)
  • 12 months warranty
  • (INF1401) K-Cal supports calibration, configuration, and graphical data view. 
  • (INF4300) Micro-USB cable.
  • (INF4310) 120 Ohm CAN Bus Termination 9 Way D-Sub
  • (INF4304) K series power cable
  • (INF4307) Kvaser Leaflight v3
  • (INF4308) Kvaser T-Cannector


Galvanic isolations in an electrical circuit function to create electrical separation between two or more interconnected circuits. The galvanic isolations allow communication and transfer power, they prevent the flow of electric current between the two circuits and protect the sensitive components or devices in the other nearby/connected circuits.

Galvanic isolation blocks direct current flow between the thermocouple and the measurement system. It isolates the low-voltage thermocouple signals from other electrical components and potential noise sources, protecting equipment and contributing to a safer work environment.

The galvanic isolation inside the K-TC device not only keeps itself safe but also ensures accuracy in the measurement of temperature values. The CAN-bus and USB interfaces are also galvanically isolated, therefore reducing the risk of damage to connected devices and enhancing overall system reliability.

Working With Industrial Temperatures

Enhance Your CAN Bus with Temperature Sensor Data from Thermocouples - Perfect for ECU and CAN Hardware Integration!

  • Supports extreme climatic testing scenarios from -40°C to +85°C
  • Cold Junction Compensation - enhanced response to Temperature Shifts from (-)200°C to (+)1200°C
  • Fortified galvanic isolation safeguarding your measurements and the devices.
  • Galvanic isolations across USB, CAN, power, and TC boards ensure protection.
  • Improve the actual temperature measurement quality to 0.001°C, with an accuracy of ±1°C

Stackable Enclosure

The K-TC is a flexible device that can be used with any other CAN logger. The K-TC enclosure is designed to be stacked with other Influx devices.

  • Stackable with Rebel LT and other K-TCs and K-Series devices
  • Create a modular custom rig for your project
  • Crafted to meet the demanding standards of engineers
  • Enables multiple thermocouples


Live data & Calibration

A freely distributable Windows PC application accompanies the K-TC. The Influx K-Cal software is specifically designed to ensure you harness the full potential of the K-TC with precision and convenience. With K-CAL, you can;

  • Customise CAN bus settings
  • Configure up to five TC devices at once
  • Adjust sampling rates seamlessly
  • Decide the byte order – Motorola/ Intel
  • Change the unit of measurement according to your needs
  • Change CAN ID according to the requirement
  • Configure sleep mode for power-saving
  • Export DBC of instrumentation devices for post-processing
  • View live data in oscilloscope and export data in ‘.csv’, ‘.mat’ and ‘.dat’ format
  • Configure the thermocouples type (K, J, & T)
  • Streamline input calibration and setup

Logger Configurator

K-Log software

Another free software by Influx Technology. This enables the Standalone data logging, direct to the internal eMMC storage, with no PC required.

  • Synchronise the time of the logger RTC with the PC time.
  • Configure and format the K-TC using the TC logger software.
  • Export data in CSV, MAT, and RXD format.
  • Store up to several months of data on inbuilt 8Gb eMMc storage.

For more information, visit the website of Influx Technology:

K-TC / Kvaser Kit

Available Options

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