The PQA8000 is a Power Quality measurement instrument combining powerful energy measurement and power quality analyzer functions with the latest technology. It can be used for power measurement applications with its high sampling rates, high-resolution ADC and high accuracy.

The LCD touch screen, that is also readable under sunlight, proves to be very comfortable for mobile measurement tasks. In combination with the internal battery pack the PQA8000 operates up to 3 hours without any external power source.

The PQA8000 offers multi-device synchronization due to a highly accurate GPS clock (available as option) and supports PMU functionality. Equipped with USB 3.0, Ethernet (GBit), telecommunication modem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the PQA8000 enables remote configuration and multi-device monitoring.

Additionally, isolated RS-485 and CAN 2.0B ports are provided for connecting optional sensors e.g. pyranometer, weather and temperature sensors for PV applications. Isolated digital inputs and outputs can control external devices. The TEDS function enables effortless configuration of sensors of current sensors as all datasheet information are stored on a EEPROM.

Main Features

  • 18bit / 1MS/s (PQA8000H) or 24 bits / 144 kS/s sampling rate (PQA8000)
  • +/- 1600 V Voltage range
  • 4 Voltage Input, 4, 6 or 8 Current Sensor Input
  • Additional Low Voltage Analog Input, RS-485, CAN2.0B, DIO option
  • GPS synchronization module inside
  • AC power source inlet and 100Wh battery inside (including charger)
  • Powerful x64-Intel-CPU, up to 8GB Memory
  • High speed, high capacity SSD (2 x 256GB max.)
  • Sunlight readable multi-touch screen LCD and HDMI port for external monitor
  • Small and light case with rubber protection
  • Versatile Power Quality software including analyzer, data storing, reporting

Connector Pins

The majority of connector pins for measurements are located on the top side.

4 banana connectors for voltage measurement are on the left, 4-8 LEMO connectors for current measurement sensors are on the right side. DSUB15 for additional low voltage analog signal input, DSUB9 for RS-485, CAN2.0 and DIO are located on the left side. The status LED on the upper right side shows the current device/measurement status

Voltage Inputs

The device has banana connectors on its top side for measuring 4 Voltage input signals up to 1600V. All the channels are differential inputs and isolated channel by channel and channel by ground. This allows any kind of measurement (inverter measurements, mixed AC/DC measurements or mixed frequency measurements 50Hz/16.7Hz).

Current Inputs

For current measurement via sensors, 4-8 LEMO connectors are placed on the right top side of the device. These input connectors support many different kinds of sensors including TEDS - sensors. Please refer to the “Neo Technical Reference Manual” for detailed information.

Additional Low Voltage Signal Input

DSUB-15 female connector for additional Low Voltage signal measurement

The DSUB-15 connector allows connection of additional input signals. It offers three additional analog inputs, power supply of +12V, TEDS function and I2C serial interface.

The third analog input (AI-2) of the DSUB-15 connector is multiplexed with the 6th LEMO input for current measurement. So you just should either use the 6th current input or AI-2 of the DSUB-15 connector. This connector is often used for connection of additional signals like pyranometer, weather sensor, temperature sensor, any process signal or I2C serial data.

Digital Input / Output

DSUB-9 Female connector for digital input and output

The digital input is isolated and can measure up to +50 VDC with programmable Schmitt trigger levels. Digital output is also isolated using a PhotoMOS relay.

Communication Ports

DSUB-9 Male connector for CAN 2.0B and RS-485 communication

This interfaces can be used for additional sensor connection (pyranometer, weather, temperature etc.). All data are fully synchronized to the analoge input data (voltage, current, additional AI). It offers +12VDC for power supply (if needed).

Computer Interface

The Computer interfaces are located on the left top side

One 1GB Ethernet interface, two USB3.0, one USB2.0 interfaces and one HDMI port for an external monitor.

Scope of delivery

  • carry bag
  • 5x banana cable 4mm / length 3m
  • 3x banana cable 4mm / length 0.25m
  • Power plug, touch stylus, user manual, keyboard with trackball


PQA8000-Opt-GPS: Optional GPS Synchronisation Modul

PQA8000-Opt-GSM: Integrated Modem for UMTS

PQA8000-Opt-DC: DC Power Supply +9~+36VDC

PQA 8000

Available Options

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