The Rebel LT, a powerful upgradable and affordable CAN data logger

The Rebel LT is an intermediate level CAN 2.0 data logging solution with the options to upgrade to GNSS with high meter level accuracy and 4G LTE.

In addition these data loggers have 4 high speed analogue input channels and 3 digital I/O as standard.

With advanced protocol functionality such as CAN 2.0 monitoring, J1939, CCP, xCPOnCAN, OBD and UDS the Rebel LT data logger is suitable for most CAN applications.

Key Features:

■ 2x CAN buses

■ 1x K-Line (request when ordering)

■ 3x digital I/O channels

■ 4x analog input channels (Each channel can be calibrated independently)

■ SDHC card data storage (Maximum capacity 128GB)

■ Galvanic isolation (USB, enclosure)

■ Low power consumption in sleep mode and WakeOnCAN or wake up signal feature

■ Stackable with K-Series instrumentation


Dialog Configurator, is available free of charge and allows configuration of Rebel data loggers as well as recorded data export to CSV and MDF formats. This version does not support the advanced features such as xCP/CCP, graphical data analysis, live data viewer and recorded data merging. 

Dialog Standard, includes a powerful built-in data analysis tool and graphical live viewer of the recorded data. Exports recorded data to various industry-standard formats. 

■  Module Analyser Lite for intuitive analysis of CAN network and OBD/UDS functionality 

(Upgradable to Module Analyser Standard or Module Analyser Plus for advanced functionalities) 

■  J2543 Pass-thru drivers available. 

Package Includes:

■ (INF6102) 12 months SLA

■ (INF1101.1) Dialog Configurator 

■ (INF1301) Module Analyser Lite

■ (INF4301) USB cable

■ (INF4203) x2 CAN Breakout Cable

■ (INF5101) 16GB SDHC card (higher capacity upgrade available)

Optional upgrades:

■ Internal GNSS module (socket for external antenna)

■ Internal 4G LTE module

■ Larger capacity data storage SDHC cards available (up to 64GByte)

■ Dialog Standard is required for data analysis/live data/GPS maps

■ Dialog Plus is required for xCP/CCP or to connect to StreamLog

■ Extension cable to connect directly to the vehicle OBD Port (9 Way D Sub to OBD)

■ Rebel Dash display for real time CAN messages and signals display

Rebel LT

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