At Orbitron Engineering, we exclusively sell all products from Octogon in Sweden.


Octogon is a quiet new measuring technology company based in Leoben, Austria. Specializing in analytical sensor and measurement technology in all industrial areas, they offer their customers individual system solutions. All the way from the sensor (e.g. weighing technology) to the measuring amplifier to the software. Octogons instruments make measuring, monitoring, and displaying straightforward. Designed for versatility, suitable for many applications and customizable.


Torque sensors and torque measuring shafts are widely used in many industries, especially in mechanical engineering, in the construction of test benches, as well as in numerous other industrial sectors. Torque measuring shafts are essential when it comes to the development of internal combustion engines, drive constructions, and pumps.

Naturally, torque sensors are also in demand for research, development, process monitoring, and subsequently for quality assurance. Targeted efficiency improvement and the resulting reduction in energy consumption are crucial foundations for successful applications. Our torque sensors are therefore the right choice when you are looking for a reliable partner in measurement technology!


The method of torque measurement naturally depends on your application: For this, Octogon offers torque sensors, torque transducers, and torque measuring shafts with cylindrical shaft ends as well as with square and hexagonal connections in rotating or static versions. The standard measuring range is from ±0 - 0.02 to 20,000 Nm. Deviating measuring ranges are, of course, possible with customized torque sensors.

EVL Torque Transducer

EVL Torque Transducer

TECHNICAL FEATURES27 torque ranges from ± 0 - 0,02 Nm up to 20,000 NmLarge input voltage range (10 -..

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