Small - Round - Flexible

  • CAN display - fully configurable
  • Monochrome LC display with CAN connection
  • Robust standard housing (IP65) and easy-to-install
  • Perfect for mobile machines, agricultural and construction machinery
  • OEM version
  • Cost efficient

Small and powerful HMI device

The CANdisplay 1001 is a monochrome, alphanumerical LC display with a CAN connection. Its small, round standard housing means it can be used in all sorts of areas and applications. Consequently, existing, round analogue display instruments can, for example, be replaced with a Display 1001. Its LED backlight also means that the display is easy to use in the dark. Data is entered and altered simply using 3 keys which also have a backlight. 3 indicators show the device's status on the display and a buzzer is attached for sounding warning signals.

Ideal for cabins with limited space

The standard housing on the CANdisplay 1001 has an overall diameter of just 60 mm and is therefore ideal for use in facilities with limited space. The display is an integrated element and can either be attached using clamps or springs and fitted into a space that measures just 53 mm in diameter. A wide input power supply ranging from 9 V to 60 V means the device can be used in machines as well as in vehicles with operating voltages of 12 V, 24 V and 48 V. The device can also withstand temperatures ranging from –20°C to +70°C allowing it to be used in various different environments. The robust housing makes the HMI device optimal for use in the off-road segment and defies harsh conditions in heavy machinery.

Flexible firmware and free software

The CANdisplay 1001 acts as a CAN slave. The firmware is able to generate cyclical and asynchronous CAN messages while the display reacts simultaneously to incoming CAN messages. Options for adjusting parameters and communication, as well as the option of parameterizing other CAN users provide a greater amount of flexibility during operation. The CANdisplay 1001's tried and tested software display and keyboard functions can be designed using the free configuration software: the Proemion Configurator.

Minimum order quantity is two displays per order

Proemion Technical data
Display 2 x 8 characters
Keys 3, backlit
Status LED 3

CANdisplay 1001

  • Brand: Proemion
  • Product Code: 251 007 020
  • Availability: 10-15 Days

This product has a minimum quantity of 2

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