CANPowerControl is designed to be used within automotive development in lab- or vehicle environment on closed tracks. It is a handy tool for test, research and development purposes. It is a CAN controlled, license free, general purpose control- and measurement device. Enabling Pulse-Width-Modulation, Relay switching and voltage measurements over CAN.

CANPowerControl can switch electric DC circuits, measure voltage and communicate via CAN-bus. Switching can be digital switching via the onboard relay or ‚soft-switching‘ with two Pulse Width Modulation channels.

By setting duty-cycle and base frequency, electric loads in the external circuit can be controlled with high accuracy. As for example electric pumps, electric engines, fans, LED ́s or lamps. For connection of inductive loads fly-off Diodes are integrated and can easily be connected to the external circuit.

All of the three power switching can handle up to 10A individually.

The two voltage inputs are intended to measure DC voltage from 0-30V.

CANPowerControl is water- and dust proof, ready to face the tough environments you are testing in.  

Please find the complete documentation and manual on our orbitron website in the products section

CANPowerControl Technical data
Supply voltage 9-30V DC supply voltage
Supply current 1,1A
Max switched voltage 30V DC
Max switched current 10A @ < 80°C
Relay 1 SPDT Relay (Single Pole Double Throw)
Mosfet channels 2 Channel PWM single or inverted-PWM output, f.e. H-bridges, 1 Hz - 1 kHz, 0-100% duty cycle, integrated Fly-off diodes for inductive loads on PWM
Voltmeter 2 x Voltage measurement inputs, 0-30V DC, 10-bit resolution
CAN Bus CAN v2.0B @: 31.25, 50, 100, 125, 200, 250, 500 or 1000kb/s, control, configure and use the device completely over CAN-Bus
CAN address Configurable sending and receiving adress (CAN)
Housing Water- and Dust-proof IP67 housing (130x100x40mm)

CANPowerControl - CAN I/O Expander

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