The Humimeter HGT wood chip moisture transmitter for online wood chip moisture measurement is already calibrated, it can be put into operation without great effort.


Wood chips moisture transmitter for the determination of water content of wood chips. For installation in a screw conveyor or in the feed channel for sheet thick- nesses up to 3 mm.

  • Increasing the efficiency of boilers and dryers
  • Ready calibrated system
  • Wide measuring range (10-50% water content)
  • Easy to mount
  • Analogue output for humidity 4-20mA
  • Lifetime Support



With the Humimeter HGT wood chip moisture transmitter, online water content determination of wood chips can be carried out very easily. The measuring device supports you in increasing the efficiency of your heating boiler or reducing the energy consumption for drying. 

Areas of Application

There are various installation options for the humidity transmitter - depending on the requirements of the system. The online measuring device is suitable for installation in screw conveyors, infeed chutes with hydraulic cylinders or in bunkers and can be easily integrated into existing systems. The connection to a controller is carried out using a 4-20mA analogue output.

The device is also available in a high-temperature version from 5°C to 85°C.

Thanks to the continuous, precise measurement of the wood chip moisture content, the boiler can be optimally regulated so that the heat output of the system increases. Boiler manufacturers recommend this professional moisture meter to their customers to increase the efficiency of their system. The Humimeter HGT stands for sustainable quality control of the drying process of wood chips.


  • Ready calibrated system (standard sensor) for wood chips of classes P16 to P45
  • Increase in efficiency of incineration systems by 3 - 5% by regulating and controlling the water content
  • Cost savings due to process optimization
  • Also availiable in high temperature version +5 to + 85°C
  • Analog output water content 4 - 20mA
  • Optional: analog output temperature measurement 4 - 20mA, display and keyboard

Scope of delivery

Wood chip moisture transmitter incl. connection cable of 1.9 m length with 5-pole moulded sensor connector

Humimeter - Technical data
Analog output 4-20 mA for water content
Option Analog output for temperature
Measuring range 10 to 50% water content (corresponding to 100% wood moisture)
Calibration accuracy to reference material +/- 5%
Temperature compensation Automatically
Temperature range for measuring +5 to +40 °C
Dimensions 188 x 82 x 77 mm
Weight 744 g (without cable)
Power Supply 24VDC (18 to 29VDC)

HGT - Online wood chips moisture transmitter - discontinued product - remaining stock available

  • Brand: Schaller
  • Product Code: 12199
  • Availability: 10-15 Days