Stick the lance into the haystack to determine the temperature and water content. You can take targeted measurements at different depths. The measurement happens in the area around the tip. Due to the 2 meter long lance, it is possible to detect moisture pockets or regions with increased temperatures even in deep layers.

You can measure in different positions of the haystack within a short time, or you can leave the sensor in a certain position in order to continuously monitor the drying process and the temperature variation of a critical area.

Comply with the obligation to regularly check the haystack easily and reliably. The measured values can easily be documented at the device. Each measuring value can be stored at the humimeter FLS with the push of a button.

With the optionally available USB interface, it is possible to transfer the stored values ​​to a PC or to print them out on a portable printer.

  • Robust 2 meter lance
  • Long-term stable sensors
  • Measurement within seconds
  • Automatic averaging
  • Lifetime Support


With its two-meter insertion probe, the Humimeter FLS enables easy monitoring of the moisture content as well as the temperature even in deep layers of the haystack.


If the water content of stored hay, e.g. in a haystack, is too high, fungal and bacterial growth may occur. In these processes, energy is released in the form of heat, which leads to an increase of temperature within the haystack. In the worst case, the temperature inside the hay can rise so much that the hay ignites itself.

The operator of the haystack is obliged to regularly monitor the stored hay (fire police regulations). Failure to comply with this monitoring obligation can be punished as negligent arson in an emergency. Failure to do so can also lead to loss of insurance coverage!

The water content of the hay can be measured before it is put into the haystack, for example on the loading wagon or during drying with the hay probe. In general, a water content of less than 14% is considered harmless. In this way, a decision can be made before storage as to whether the hay still needs to be dried or whether the water content is low enough for safe storage.

The humimeter FLS With its two-meter-long lance, it enables easy control of the moisture content and temperature, even in the deep layers of the haystack.

By a regular and good monitoring, emerging heat spots or moisture spots can be detected and treated at an early stage.


  • Very easy operation of the hay probe
  • Humidity and temperature measurement
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Reduces your drying costs
  • Prevent quality losses

Scope of delivery

humimeter FLS, rubber protection cover, handle bar and batteries

Humimeter - Technical data
Measuring range 8 to 30% water content
Resolution 0,1 %
Calibration accuracy to reference material +/- 0,8%
Temperature measuring range -20 to +120 °C (only measuring tip)
Dimensions 2280 x 75 x 45 mm (without handle bar)
Power consumption 60 mA (with display lighting)
Weight 1200 g (with batteries)
Power Supply 4 x 1,5 volt AA alkaline batteries
Menu languages English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian, International

Humimeter FLS - Robust moisture and temperature hay stack probe

  • Brand: Schaller
  • Product Code: 13950 - FLS
  • Availability: 10-15 Days