Accurate analog and digital sensor measurement data for CAN applications

This K-AN8 (8 analog + 4 digital input) kit contains everything needed to get the K-AN8 set up and tested on a work bench.

To help with connecting sensors to the analog and digital ports the K-BoB enables easy connection with BNC connectors.

Influx K-Cal is easily connected via the Kvaser LeafLight interface and Kvaser T-CANnector. (Using the Kvaser T-CANnector to power up the K-AN8 (at the desk) and terminate the CAN bus).

This kit is supplied in the Influx carry case.

Our K-AN8 Kit is a cost-effective solution to measure multiple sensor types within one module. Extremely easy to use and ideal for applications that will measure inputs such as temperature (PT-100/1000), pressure, voltage, current (Using a current clamp), PWM, RPM, Digital Counters or IEPE sensors.  

Multiple K-Series modules can be stakes, connected and configured to work together. All K-Series modules allow the measurement of signals and the periodic transmission of sensor measurement data on a CAN 2.0 network

Key Features:

■ 8 Analog inputs with variable input sampling rates (8 channels at 1k Hz, 4 channels at 5k Hz)

■ PWM: 3 inputs frequency measurements, counters or pulse measurements

■ Outputs: 4 Relay outputs (Optional)

■ Regulated +5V and +24V output power supply for external sensors

■ Supplied with configuration software, Influx K-Cal for Windows® and configurable via a DBC file

■ Instrumentation data time synchronised with recorded vehicle network data via CAN

■ Galvanic isolation between modules (enclosure, power, CAN BUS and analog input module)

■ Stackable ABS enclosure


■ Combined Voltage, PWM/Digital measurements

■ Software switchable voltage input ranges from +/-80V to +/-10V

■ Very high accuracy- Analog +/-0.0015%

■ High input impedance on analog inputs

■ WakeOnCAN and power down deep sleep mode

Highly Recommended if new K-AN8 users – very easy to setup and test on a work bench. For example when calibrating.

Package Includes:

■ (INF6102) 12 months warranty

■ (INF1401) Influx K-Cal supports calibration, configuration and graphical data view

■ (INF2210) Influx K-AN8 module

■ (INF4310) CAN Bus termination 9 Way D-Sub (120 Ohm)

■ (INF4305.0) 9 Way to 9 Way short cable for stacking K series units

■ (INF4207) 25 way D-Sub easy screw terminal system to connect for analog inputs. (Recommended for testing)

■ (INF2203) K-BoB BNC breakout box for analog/digital inputs with connection cable to K-AN8

■ (INF4307) Kvaser LeafLight CAN interface

■ (INF4308) Kvaser T-CANnector

■ (INF2220) Influx carry case

Optional Modules:

■ (INF2212) K-PT to input PT 100 and PT1000 temperature sensors to the K-AN8

■ (INF2213) K-IEPE to input IEPE sensors to the K-AN8


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