2x CAN (CAN FD)/LIN logger/interface

Includes: Dead reckoning GNSS and 6D IMU, x2 Digital and x2 Analog inputs, IP 65 enclosure

Reliable, secure and accurate data computing that you can trust.

When data is critical and messages can't be missed...

We recognise the importance of data security and every detail of the ReXgen has been considered to ensure our product can be trusted in CAN networks. 

​■ Free drag 'n' drop configurator tool ReXdesk 

■ Sleep mode with wake on CAN, no battery drain!

■ Create configurable triggers from DBC file, using ReXdesk

■ Real-time clock to timestamp data for analysis

■ Supports J2534 (Pass-thru)

■ Log CAN data continuously for hours unattended

Next-generation data computing, capturing data throughout your product's entire life cycle.

We designed the ReXgen to be fitted on your product during development and eventually even production, capturing continuous data and events.

The ReXgen 2 features to manage sensitive data:

■ Mountable enclosure

■ Data is stored securely on a non-removable embedded EMMC

■ Data encryption

Fast and easy to configure, record and retrieve data via USB. Our easy-to-use and freely distributable software, ReXdesk, comes included with each product.

The ReXgen supports open-ended XML-based configurations.

Key Features:

■ 2x CAN 2.0/CAN FD buses

■ 1x LIN buses

■ 2x Digital I/O channels

■ 2x  Analog channels

■ 16/32GB eMMC storage

■ Plug and play

■ CAN frame error detection

■ Powerful graphic interface application tool

■ ASAM MDF(*.mf4 format) -international standard data format

■ Data exportable in open formats MDF4 and CSV

■ Very low power consumption in sleep mode and WakeOnCAN or wake up signal feature.

■ Micro USB 2.0 -Higher speed connection to logger

■ LEDs support status indication

■ IP65 enclosure protection

■ Easily stackable and installable with 4 multi function screws

■ 18Hz GPS rate/U-Blox  -Support 4 position systems highly accurate positioning

■ Gyro and Accelerometer system – Inner position even by bad GPS signal

The Influx ReXgen 2 IMU is the upgrade version of ReXgen 2 which also supports GNSS, Gyro and accelerometer.

Just as robust and cost-effective as the ReXgen 2, this product is targeted at applications that require a CAN 2.0, CAN FD or a LIN flight data recorder, and at the same time require vibration and position information even under very harsh environments that no GPS signal is available. For example, ReXgen 2 IMU is perfect for sharing cars and motorcycle data recording, or off-road vehicle data logging.  The ReXgen 2 is capable of recording data without needing to be connected to a computer.

Supplied with freely distributed configuration software, the ReXgen 2 IMU supports functionality such as silent mode, CAN monitoring, message filtering, SAE-J1939 logging and triggering on events.

Power consumption

Power consumption is an important aspect when battery life is considered in electric or internal combustion vehicle. Will the data logger drain the battery when the vehicle is powered down? Or can you leave it on the vehicle for months with confidence?

All our data loggers support Wake On CAN 

The ReXgen2 supports Wake on Movement.

With advance features such as Power down mode and Sleep Mode the power consumption is the equivalent to 1mA per hour.

Data Loss?

No system can be error proof, but have you ever considered what percentage of total bus traffic is lost and how important the messages are that you lose? With our rigorous testing reports the ReXgen2 handles 99.9% of the vehicle network traffic.

Package Includes:

■ (INF6102) 12 months SLA

■ (INF1601) ReXdesk

■ (INF4300) Micro USB cable

■ (INF4306.6)  GNSS external antenna 3m for ReXgen 2G

ReXgen 2 IMU

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