4x CAN (CAN FD)/LIN logger/Interface

Includes: CAT 1 LTE remote data transfer and GNSS and 6D IMU, USB 2.0 Interface IP 50 enclosure

Wireless. Scalable. Configurable. Open platform

ReXgen Air is a compact, robust, accurate solution designed to be integrated with your fleet during production. 

A progressive system that uses LTE connectivity. A data logger with on-board processing and telematics capabilities connects machines to the cloud and stores data locally.


Built For Your Manufacturing Pipe Line

The ReXgen Air is the most scalable device on the market.

  • It uses an automotive-style connector with a USB access point built directly into your wiring harness (allowing complete USB control over the connector). 
  • Its mounting points make it easy to install.
  • Cost-effective.

Whatever you need it to be

Configure as per requirement.

Make configurations using freely provided ReXdesk application or by editing Open XML file.

Configure the logger:

  • To start/stop recording around specific events.
  • To transmit IMU/GNSS data to the CAN Network.


Keep your data transfers safe

Moving sensitive data securely to the cloud is one of our main priorities.

 Protect the integrity of your information sent between the Logger and FTPS server/AWS S3 buckets by:

  • Automated data processing using AWS Lambda*
  • ​Configuring FTPS to use secure socket layers (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS). 
  • Locking data logs using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
  • ​Locking of the device using RSA data security.

Data Processing

Process your Data Automatically

Your data can be stored on the cloud, where it can be processed by custom-made algorithms providing you with vital alerts and statistics.

Free tools and libraries are provided for converting the RAW files to 3rd party formats, simplifying your automation process.

Open platform

An Open API platform

Our open platform makes sure that no artificial barriers stop you from doing what you want, from

  • managing the logger
  • viewing live data
  • handling files
  • processing log files, and much more.

Configure it, use it

ReXgen Air

Available Options

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