A microwave meter that covers WLAN, GSM, 3G (UMTS), 4G, DECT, microwave ovens, Bluetooth, and more.

Includes all the features of the HF35C and already important professional features:

  • Optimized LogPer measurement antenna with higher accuracy, especially at the critical lower and upper ends of the frequency range.
  • Covers all mobile services (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 2G, 3G, 4G, all "Sub-3 GHz" bands from 5G, including the crucial 700 MHz band for coverage), DECT, the lower WLAN/WiFi and radar band, microwave ovens, etc.
  • A factor of 10 higher sensitivity: Display resolution 0.01 µW/m². A crucial factor, especially for EHS (electrohypersensitive) patients.
  • A factor of 10 extended measurement range upwards: max 19.99 mW/m².
  • Significantly simplified measurement with the "Peak Hold" function.


  • It is fully frequency-compensated, meaning no frequency range is overrated, underrated, or even ignored.
  • Our measurement technology always displays the SUM OF all interference radiations present at the measurement location, not just the strongest frequency, as is common in the cheap, supposedly very broadband detectors that have come onto the market in recent years.
  • Both of the above features are extremely important for an informative measurement and technically very difficult to achieve. This is also the reason for the unique position of our devices in their respective price ranges.
  • Measurement values are reliably and directly displayed in units of building biology precautionary values, without the need for any calculations.
  • All our HF analyzers are also equipped with a full-fledged LogPer bearing/measurement antenna. This sets them apart technologically from compact pocket devices without an external antenna. This allows users to detect and measure even hidden sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (HF). The measurement can be done both indoors and outdoors (protect the measuring instrument from moisture!).
  • With audio analysis, even technical laypeople without electronic knowledge can distinguish most radiation sources, such as mobile phones, WLAN/WiFi, DECT, radar, etc. Simply by listening and comparing with the included sound samples.
  • A detailed step-by-step measurement guide is included with all our devices. It also includes building biology reference value recommendations, allowing even individuals without technical knowledge to reliably assess the exposure situation.

  • Not to be forgotten: All our electrosmog measuring instruments are also patented multiple times, proven in practice thousands of times worldwide, and technically groundbreaking in their respective price ranges.

Scope of delivery

  • Measuring device
  • Attachable LogPer antenna with antenna cable
  • Alkaline manganese battery
  • Detailed user manual with neutral background information

EMF Technical data
Weight 0,50 kg
Frequency range 700 MHz - 2.7 GHz (3.3 GHz with increased tolerance)
Measurement range Power flux density: 0.01 - 19,990 µW/m²
Accuracy Basic Accuracy (CW) including Linearity Error: +/- 6 dB Zero Offset Deviation and Special Digitization Error ("rollover"): +/- 9 digits
Sensor Optimized log-periodic measuring antenna: Lower ripple, lower bearing deviation, improved shielding downwards
Audio Analysis Modulation frequency- and field strength-proportional audio signal supports the identification of pulsed radiation sources (GSM, DECT, etc.) and the detection of increased exposure.
Signal Evaluation Peak value and average value display, as well as peak value hold ("Peak Hold").
Power supply 9-volts E-block alkaline manganese battery (included), average operating time: 6 - 7 hours (depending on operating mode) Low-battery indicator Auto-power-off function
Warranty 2 years

HF Analyser HF38B